thermal_relaxation_error(t1, t2, time, excited_state_population=0)[source]#

Return a single-qubit thermal relaxation quantum error channel.

  • t1 (double) – the \(T_1\) relaxation time constant.

  • t2 (double) – the \(T_2\) relaxation time constant.

  • time (double) – the gate time for relaxation error.

  • excited_state_population (double) – the population of \(|1\rangle\) state at equilibrium (default: 0).


a quantum error object for a noise model.

Return type:



NoiseError – If noise parameters are invalid.

Additional information:
  • For parameters to be valid \(T_1\) and \(T_2\) must satisfy \(T_2 \le 2 T_1\).

  • If \(T_2 \le T_1\) the error can be expressed as a mixed reset and unitary error channel.

  • If \(T_1 < T_2 \le 2 T_1\) the error must be expressed as a general non-unitary Kraus error channel.