Utilities (qiskit_aer.utils)#

This module contains utility functions for modifying NoiseModel objects and QuantumCircuits using noise models.


insert_noise(circuits, noise_model[, transpile])

Return a noisy version of a QuantumCircuit.

approximate_quantum_error(error, *[, ...])

Return a QuantumError object that approximates an error as a mixture of specified operators (channels).

approximate_noise_model(model, *[, ...])

Replace all noises in a noise model with ones approximated by a mixture of operators (channels).

transform_noise_model(noise_model, func)

Return a new noise model by applyign a function to all quantum errors.

transpile_noise_model(noise_model, ...)

Return a new noise model with transpiled QuantumErrors.

transpile_quantum_error(error, ...)

Return a new quantum error containin transpiled circuits.