phase_damping_error(param_phase, canonical_kraus=True)[source]#

Return a single-qubit generalized phase damping quantum error channel.

The single-qubit phase damping channel is described by the following Kraus matrices:

A0 = [[1, 0], [0, sqrt(1 - b)]]
A2 = [[0, 0], [0, sqrt(b)]]

where b = param_phase. The equilibrium state after infinitely many applications of the channel is:

rho_eq = [[rho_init[0, 0], 0]], [0, rho_init[1, 1]]]

where rho_init is the input state ρ.

  • param_phase (double) – the phase damping parameter.

  • canonical_kraus (bool) – Convert input Kraus matrices into the canonical Kraus representation (default: True)


a quantum error object for a noise model.

Return type: