We appreciate all kinds of help, so thank you!

You can contribute in many ways to this project.

Issue reporting

This is a good point to start, when you find a problem please add it to the issue traker. The ideal report should include the steps to reproduce it.

Doubts solving

To help less advanced users is another wonderful way to start. You can help us to close some opened issues. This kind of tickets should be labeled as question.

Improvement proposal

If you have an idea for a new feature please open a ticket labeled as enhancement. If you could also add a piece of code with the idea or a partial implementation it would be awesome.


Review the parts of the documentation regarding the new changes and update it if it’s needed.

Pull requests

We use GitHub pull requests to accept the contributions. You can explain yourself as much as you want. Please follow the next rules for the commit messages:

  • It should be formed by a one-line subject, followed by one line of white space. Followed by one or more descriptive paragraphs, each separated by one line of white space. All of them finished by a dot.
  • If it fixes an issue, it should include a reference to the issue ID in the first line of the commit.
  • It should provide enough information for a reviewer to understand the changes and their relation to the rest of the code.